Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Blog - Finally


I finally got my blog up and I hope that you will join me for my whirlwind adventure.

For those of you who I've spoken to recently you are well aware that I will be completing placement in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, I know many of you are confused as to why this blog is Richelle in Sri Lanka rather than India lol.

The short version of the story re: the change in location is that Indian immigration is super ridiculous AND I got this amazing job offer so really 2+2=4 and Badulla Sri Lanka here I come.

This has all happened in really the last week or so... so there's still a lot of details to be sorted out but I will be working with World University Services Canada (WUSC) as the Junior Program Officer - Employment Services and Microenterprise Development (I'll tell you what that all means once I figure it out).

Right now I'm in Barbados trying to fit four months of summer into three weeks - wish me luck!!

That's it for my first post; stay tuned for more details.


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